And It Starts

March 15, 2010

I was going to write about USF’s matchup with NC State tomorrow night, but Scott Carter of the Tampa Tribune has reported that Jim Leavitt has filed suit against USF, and is seeking the 7 million dollars owed to Leavitt under the terms of his contract.

You knew that this was only a matter of time after mediation attempts failed last month and learning last week that accuser Joel Miller was not going to sue Leavitt.

I’m sure that this will end well.


4 Responses to “And It Starts”

  1. Voodoo 5 Says:

    I guess we’ll find this out eventually, but this must mean either negotiations went much worse than I thought, or USF really lowballed their mediation offer. I figured there would be too much to potentially lose with a lawsuit, but maybe not so much.

  2. astrobull Says:

    Probably a little bit of both. I’m sure that they will settle out of court, but Leavitt is going to get paid.

  3. DojoMojo Says:

    Who says Leavitt is going to settle? We all know he’s as hard-headed as they come, and his reputation is on the line here. Plus the university report can be totally destroyed in court by even a lousy attorney. It is so awful I can’t believe it went out under our university seal.

    We better hope he chooses to settle, because it’s going to cost us a fortune if he doesn’t. And I don’t mean financially.

    This will NOT be fun.

    • Voodoo 5 Says:

      OK, I’ll admit I got a laugh out of the mental picture of Lionel Hutz (the gold standard of lousy attorneys) representing Leavitt and asking the judge for a “bad court thingy.”

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