3/4/10 Holtzism

March 4, 2010

This was the last thing Coach Holtz said from his town hall meeting last night.

A new preacher comes into town, and he is preparing his sermon for his 9am service, and there is only one person there. The preacher says to the man, “Where is everyone?” The man replies, “Well I’m a farmer, and if I go to feed the cows, and only one cow shows up I still have to feed him.”

So the preacher goes for an hour and a half, pounding the pulpit and goes on and on. After the sermon, the preacher asks the man, “So how was it?” The farmer says to the preacher, “Well I’m a farmer, and if only one cow shows up to eat, I’ll be damned if I give him the whole bale of hay!”


Today’s Holtzism

February 26, 2010

H/T to the eagle eyes at The Bulls Pen for finding this one.

“You don’t win games in February. I’ve had five stars that couldn’t play dead in a Western, and two stars that played as hard as anyone.”

The original story can be found here.

Holtzism of the Day

February 22, 2010

Coach Holtz has already made a name for himself down here for being media friendly. He knows that you that you have to make friends with people who buy ink by the barrel, something that Coach Leavitt never really embraced. Everyone can remember some of the battles Leavitt had with the press, and I’m sure some of that led to his downfall.

Holtz throws out a saying once in a while that will make you wonder when Dr. Lou told Skip these quips, and I’ve decided to call them Holtzisms. Today’s Holtzism comes from Coach’s visit with the 1010 Morning Show this morning.

Recruiting is like shaving. You have to do it everyday or else you’ll look like a bum.

Enjoy your Monday everyone! There will be an announcement about the future of Voodoo 5 up in the next day or so.