That name is fantastic, it sounds like it’s out of a Matt Christopher book. Anyway, according to the Bradenton Herald, Shedrick “Showtime” Haynes has verbally committed to USF.

Haynes has totally transformed himself as a basketball player; He always had the hops and athleticism, but now he has added some deadly long-range shooting to his arsenal. …

The six-foot combo guard known for his extraordinary leaping ability, averaged 18.5 points a game and filled up the stat sheet for the Falcons, who finished the season 20-10. Haynes knocked down 87 treys while shooting 42 percent from beyond the arc.

He’s either 6’0″ or 5’11”, depending on who you ask, and he might be another badly-needed outside shooting option for the Bulls. It probably depends on whether or not he can hang defensively at that size. That’s the only thing keeping Shaun Noriega off the court, and Haynes might join him on the bench if he has the same problem.


For the rest of this week, look for another Other Sports Roundup, heavily dominated by a round of What the Hell Is Wrong With Our Baseball Team. Assuming USF plays teams in the NIT that have blog representatives, we’ll keep up the Q&A’s. And as long as one of us can watch the games somewhere, we’ll keep doing postgame haikus and recaps.


With the season finishing up, I was able to get in touch with a bunch of highly respected bloggers around the Big East to create the 1st Annual Big East Blogger Awards. The following blogs were nice enough to send in their ballots for this historic event.

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I really appreciate everyone coming together so quickly in getting their ballots over to me. Now without further ado, your 2009-2010 Big East Blogger All-Conference Team.

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USF fans are already working themselves up into a lather about whether or not Dominique Jones will go into the NBA Draft. And in the absence of solid information, many are believing whatever they want to believe, even going to Steve Duemig-like “you don’t know what I know” lengths with what is probably second or third-hand information.

The DoJo-Go-Pro-O-Meter represents our best guess at the odds of DoJo going pro, based on news reports and other hard evidence. No gossip, no hearsay, no friend of a friend. The meter goes from 0% to 100%, and will only reach one of those two points when a final decision is made.

Greg Auman had the first article about DoJo’s decision:

“I think about it all the time. That’s your dream when you’re a little kid,” Jones said. “I’m taking everything day-by-day. The NBA is not going anywhere. I feel like I’ll just take my time and make my decision on what I’m going to do, finish the year out here and just weigh my options.”

Based on this story, and the collection of NBA mock drafts that mostly have Jones taken in the second round (where contracts are not guaranteed) or not at all, we are setting the DoJo-Go-Pro-O-Meter at 30% to start. As more news comes out, we will make adjustments as necessary.

I’ll refer you back to the live blog from earlier today for specific things that came up during the 69-49 loss to Georgetown. Generally, we’ve known for most of the season that USF has some fatal flaws, and today they all came up to the surface. A lack of depth, trouble defending down low, bigs with post games that aren’t really developed, and bad outside shooting. Oh God, did that last one ever rear its ugly head during this mini-run. The Bulls shot a horrendous 29% from the field against the Hoyas, and Shaun Noriega was the only Bull to hit a three-pointer in two games. Let’s just say that is not an indicator of success.

One of my co-workers watched the game while he was working out at lunch time, and he thought USF quit towards the end. I can see where he thought that. Once the “just play a zone and they’re screwed” strategy went out following the second Notre Dame game, it’s been virtually impossible for the Bulls to rally from a double-digit deficit. And they know it, too, including Stan Heath. They can’t hit threes, and they can’t foul to stop the clock because they don’t have enough guys. That means they have to stop their opponent almost every time down the floor to make up ground, which just isn’t going to happen for long against quality opponents like Georgetown. When a game starts getting away from them, there’s nothing this year’s team can do about it.

So that almost certainly puts an end to any serious talk of USF sneaking into the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1992. But still, a 20-win season and a high seed in the NIT (maybe even a #1 seed) is a big step forward for this program, considering they hadn’t even had a winning season since 2003. If you can sit there and say you’re actually upset with how this season is turning out, then you’re either delusional or you have a Ph.D. in Moving the Goal Line.

For the rest of you, the NIT schedule should be out Sunday night, and there will certainly be some more basketball at the Sun Dome this season. The only way to avenge this bad performance at the Garden is to play there again, which should only take three more wins.

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USF-Georgetown Haiku

March 10, 2010

Hoyas Get Revenge
I Think We are NIT Bound
Still a Great Season

Suit Number Two

March 10, 2010

If you don’t understand the title, Chris Howard told Coach Heath and the staff to pack five suits for the Big East Tournament. Today we present our pick of what Coach Heath will wear today.

Get it done today Coach.